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Competition Policy: Between Equity and Efficiency In print

Lianos I., Gerard D.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Performance of Derivative Transactions through the Central Counterparty

Alexander Nadmitov, Bashkatov M. L.

Russian Law Journal. 2018. Vol. 6. No. 1. P. 58-82.

Book chapter
The poverty of Competition law In print

Lianos I.

In bk.: Competition Policy: Between Equity and Efficiency. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Working paper
Updating the EU Internal Market Concept

Lianos I.

CLES Research Paper Series. F1, F15, F6, O24, O52. CLES University College London , 2018. No. 1.

3 February 2016

Alexey Ivanov in the first output of the program "The abroad actually", live broadcast on the radio Mediametrics, January 28, 2016

The Intellectual Property (IP) rights in Russia and China is the topic of the first issue.

28 January 2016

The mass media of Kazakhstan on Alexey Ivanov's presentation at the OECD Global Forum on Competition

Alexey Ivanov has presented his peer-review on the Kazakhstan's legislation and policies in the field of competition law. The special issue of the "The market and competition" published by the JSC "Center for the protection and development of competition policy" has been presented at the OECD Board meeting on competition on October 29, 2015.

17 November 2015

Federal Antimonopoly Service website: "The institute will become a research center for the united platform of the BRICS competition authorities"

На встрече глав конкурентных ведомств БРИКС в ЮАР стороны договорились о создании единой платформы по обмену неконфиденциальной информацией и знаниями в области обеспечения конкуренции на социально значимых рынках стран БРИКС с привлечением широких академических кругов. С российской стороны таким научным центром станет Институт права и развития ВШЭ-Сколково.

Roundtable "Anticompetitive Practices of Big Pharma: the response of the Competition Authorities of BRICS+"

During Competition Week, on September 25, Alexey Ivanov acted as a moderator of the discussion held within the framework of the Working Group on the study of competition problems in pharmaceutical markets.

Roundtable on Islamic Agriculture Finance

The Institute together with the Afanasy Nikitin Association and the Agrofin-Congress group of companies on September 12th held an expert meeting on the implementation of Islamic investment instruments for developing the export potential of Russia's agro-industrial complex.

The Supervisory Board for monitoring the activities of the Centre for Technology Transferw starts its work

 "Smart" antitrust regulation in action: the project, in which the Institute holds a key expert position, is underway.

Green Light for Parallel Import

New government mandate aligns with Institute proposals

The Institute at "Artificial Cosmoi and the Law"

An international seminar, chaired by Ioannis Lianos, organised by the Centre for Law, Economics and Society at the UCL Law Faculty, Yale Law School and the Law Faculty of the University of Athens, was held on July 30 in Athens. Alexey Ivanov and Kirill Molodyko participated in the discussion.

The BRICS Antimonopoly Centre opens at the Higher School of Economics

The BRICS Antimonopoly Centre opens at the Higher School of EconomicsThis summer the HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development has opened a new division - the BRICS Antimonopoly Centre. The latter will engage in applied research and expert analysis aimed at improving competition policies and strengthening antitrust regulation in the BRICS economies. The Centre will also coordinate the activities of the BRICS member states’ competition authorities and scientific communities.

Masterful Masterchain Month

In the first 11 days of the current month, the first All-Russian Summer School “Masterchain” was held in Moscow with the participation of the Institute’s leading research fellow, Kirill Molodyko.

Institute Director at the Moscow Urban Forum

Participation at the session "Total Security or Total Control? Ethical Dilemmas of the Technological City"

Alexey Ivanov on RBC: "In the modern knowledge economy, pricing loses its signal function"

Institute Director gives an expert’s opinion on the RBC report on the regulation of e-commerce and the adoption of the Fifth Antimonopoly Package.

Cryptocurrency: To Be Or Not To Be?

 On May 23, leading researcher of the Institute Kirill Molodyko spoke in the legal panel of the Russian Blockchain Week forum, which was held under the aegis of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, on "Why authorities could bury crypto-currencies and how is this to be avoided?".